WWE NXT Could Reportedly Air Live On USA This Fall


Remember that report that WWE NXT could move to FS1 this fall, where it would air live for two hours on Wednesday nights at the same time as AEW‘s new TV show on TNT? Well, a new report from PWInsider makes that a little more interesting.

Allegedly, someone in WWE has pitched moving NXT to the USA Network, home of Raw and soon-to-be-former home of Smackdown, starting October 2, the same night AEW TV starts. The rest of the rumored plans are the same as for the new FS1 version of NXT: a transition to a live, two-hour program. For those happy with the current state of NXT, this is pretty disappointing, especially after Triple H articulates so well part of why its current format benefits the quality of its weekly programming.

Whether NXT ends up making the move or not, this report is another indication that WWE is taking their new competition seriously. However, if NXT becomes more like main roster programming in format, it might actually feel less like a worthwhile alternative to the only AEW TV of the week as one of three (3) weekly live WWE TV shows on cable, though it would certainly also attract some new eyes by being on cable and not behind the paywall of the WWE Network.

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