WWE Will Unveil New Titles For Every NXT Champion At Takeover: Orlando

NXT General Manager William Regal dropped a surprise for those in attendance at Wrestlemania Axxess. He announced that NXT will unveil new titles for all of their champions tonight at NXT Takeover: Orlando, meaning whoever wins their respective title matches will be walking out with a new strap to go along with their victory. Regal revealed the surprise while giving a heartfelt speech about how much his time at NXT has meant to him, calling it the best time out of his nearly 35 year career – though I would argue for this moment with Goldberg back in WCW.

Takeover: Orlando features three titles matches total, including the rematch between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode for the NXT championship. Asuka will follow up her appearance at the Women’s Tournament announcement to take on Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s title, and the Authors of Pain will defend in a triple threat match against DIY and The Revival.

It’s just another reason to tune in – not that you were going to skip out anyway – and it shows how much work has gone into the NXT division up to this point. If you’re reading our recaps of the older days, you’re well aware how far things have come and how it has made WWE better as a whole. New titles and hopefully more talent on the way will truly help nail that home.

(Via WWE)