An NXT Wrestler And Coach Had A Shoe-Throwing Ric Flair Impression Duel

Ever wonder what the denizens of the WWE Performance Center do all day when they’re not working on their craft? Well, at least in the case of Patrick Clark and NXT trainer and Will & Grace alum Sean Hayes, they engage in weight room Ric Flair-offs. Because if you have a Ric Flair impression and you’re not busting it out at all times, you may as well be dead.

Clark clearly has the better impression, even if it’s largely an impression of Jay Lethal’s impression, which is fine, because seeing someone else do an impression is usually what it takes to crack the code. They get a bunch of bonus points for taking their shoes off, tossing them in disgust, and doing self-slapping hops and forward rolls.

Ric Flair really is more of a maniac than we really give him credit for, isn’t he?

I’m just wondering how often this happens in the weight room. It has to be just all the time, right? Must be hard sometimes to get the appropriate level of pump if people are just scurrying around WOOOOing at the top of their lungs and dropping elbows on their compression shirts or whatever. Who do you think gets most annoyed by that? Probably Mada, right? I bet it’s Mada.