The Entire NXT Roster Did The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And It Was Incredible

11.08.16 1 year ago 10 Comments

You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t heard of the “Mannequin Challenge” yet. It’s resulted in mostly bad stuff. Or at least, it has up until now, because the WWE Performance Center and the entire damn NXT roster are in on the act, and they’re taking every other Mannequin Challenger to school. THIS INCLUDES YOU, HILLARY. While the main WWE roster is over in the UK getting into bus fights, the NXT squad is just hanging out at the PC, being as still as possible.
Things of note:

– Elias Samson getting the saddest and worst spot in the whole video
– Oney Lorcan going back to his roots as a doorman
– Patrick Clark’s Prince tribute gimmick has now evolved to the “third eye sunglasses” phase
– Poor Mada has probably the most demanding pose in this whole thing
– Peyton Royce and Billie Kay remain the best, even when they aren’t doing anything
– Ember Moon and Asuka on the same side of the ring because THAT’S DEFINITELY YOUR NEXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP PROGRAM
– We finally got to the Akira Tozawa factory
– Dan Matha has snapped is about to hurl some poor doofus onto Matt Bloom
– Roderick Strong has his jacket on like a friggin’ goober
– SAniTY just lurkin’, man. Just straight-up lurkin’-ass lurkin’

Basically, I love all of this. This must have been an absolute blast to film. The Yellow Brand always has the most fun, don’t they?

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