The Reason Behind That Mysterious NXT Sanity Member Swap

On Wednesday night’s episode of NXT, some intrigue went down with the still relatively new SAniTY stable. If one were to read the NXT spoilers from the last set of tapings, you could see what’s coming with SAniTY in the next few weeks, but here’s the long and the short of it: the stable arrived without big man Sawyer Fulton in tow, and group leader Eric Young tossed Fulton’s sweet gang jacket out of the ring in disgust. Later, new signee Damo (downgraded from Big Damo due to budget cuts, probably) appeared, but there is still speculation as to whether he’ll be joining SAniTY.

From the moment the group appeared without Fulton, fans have been wondering what the guy did to suffer Poochie’s fate of being written off the show entirely offscreen. According to the Wrestling Observer, Fulton has unfortunately been injured, so his removal from SAniTY is one of necessity and not because he wasn’t impressing the right people, or anything silly like that.

Fulton suffered an arm injury, “either shoulder or biceps,” that will keep him out of action for several months. This is obviously a bummer for the guy, as he’s been in developmental since 2012 and this has been the first role for him that’s really stuck. We hope that he has a speedy recovery and gets a plum role when he finally returns. We also hope that we get an official kayfabe reason for why he got kicked out of SAniTY, like that they found a Demi Lovato disc in the jewel case for his Rage Against The Machine CD, or that they found out his uncle really DIDN’T work at Nintendo.