The Best And Worst Of NXT UK 2/13/19: Battle Of The Baddies

02.15.19 3 months ago


Previously on the Best and Worst of NXT UK: Mark Coffey fought Walter, his brother Joe fought Ashton Smith, and Rhea Ripley attacked Toni Storm.

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Best: Romp Her Stomp Her


I love segments where wrestlers come out in street clothes, especially women wrestlers, because there’s a lot more variety in their style. Toni took that to the next level for this promo, by coming to the ring in a black leather jacket over a green and blue plaid romper. It’s a bold choice, and you could certainly say that it looked a bit like she threw her jacket on over her pajamas, but honestly she looked really great. Toni’s really come into her own lately, and her style becoming more unique reflects that confidence. Rhea Ripley had a more standard tight-pants-and-tank-top look when she showed up (although god bless that wallet chain), but it both suited her character and showed off her biceps, so I can’t actually object.

Anyway, Toni was here to cut a promo about how how she’s a champion and Rhea’s just a bully, so naturally by the time she got to the line “I already kicked Rhea Ripley’s arse, and I’ll gladly kick her arse again,” Rhea showed up to say that she hates everything about Toni (although she didn’t mention the romper, to my surprise). This is classic pro wrestling hero/villain stuff, and they’re making it work. Toni came off as a bit timid at first, but then she was the one to attack Rhea, beating her down until Rhea escaped from the ring and proclaimed that she’s ready for her championship rematch, because I guess that clause is still in effect in the UK.

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