Colin Cowherd Is Teasing WWE TV’s Move To Fox


Late last year we shared with you reports that WWE had taken meetings with Disney, CBS, Amazon, YouTube and others about possible partnerships, creating original programming and, depending on which rumors you believe, selling the company outright. Dave Meltzer mentioned that Fox — and more specifically, Fox Sports — have the best chance of making those things happen, seeing WWE as “acceptable replacement programming” for UFC.

Those rumors have even more steam now as the hosts of FOX Sports 1’s Speak For Yourself are openly teasing the Worldwide Leader In Sports-Entertainment’s™ jump to the channel. Fox Sports executives were in attendance at Tuesday night’s Mixed Match Challenge taping featuring Smackdown, prompting a conversation between Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd. Whitlock said he was, “looking forward to perhaps getting more involved, watching pro wrestling in the future,” to which Cowherd replied: “You should. A very good sport. Coming to a network near you.

Jump to the 42:30 mark to listen:

Cowherd also praised WWE as a “professionally run organization. Who knew the publicly traded global entertainment company would be run professionally, and not like a carnie hopped up on goofballs trying to keep The Scrambler from falling apart?

This is a surprising change for Colin, as he has a long running gimmick of shitting on pro wrestling any time he can and calling wrestling fans “booger eaters.” Let us know how those boogers taste when you’re next to Wale in the crowd at WrestleMania!

We’ll keep you up to date on any developments or official announcements from WWE or Fox Sports, and on whether or not Skip and Shannon will step up to challenge The Bar on Raw.