Paige’s Family Members Are Not Happy About Her Engagement To Alberto Del Rio

On Sunday night, suspended WWE Superstar Paige got in the ring in Puerto Rico to propose to her boyfriend, the former Alberto Del Rio. Alberto “El Presidente” accepted enthusiastically, and now the President of Combate Americas will soon have a First Lady. Unfortunately, some people who are very close to Paige aren’t lining up to be the first to fling rice.

Her father, Ricky Knight, took to Facebook on Monday to make a very succinct post (which he says is his final word on the matter) about his unhappiness with the situation. That post has now been deleted, but it read as follows:

Putting his out there then saying no more,about it to anyone I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over

On that post, Paige’s brother, Roy (who you may remember from supporting Paige in defiance of her suspension), made the following two comments, which are also pretty clear in his feelings about his sister’s engagement:

Hope your ok dad,,silly girl,,the truth will come out stay strong bud,hate seeing my family hurt

I will add I love my sister more than everything but grrrr X

So basically, things are going great! There is no comment from Paige’s mother Sweet Saraya yet, but I imagine she’ll get around to it once she stops cursing and throwing things.

Meanwhile, on Alberto’s side, Pro Wrestling Sheet contacted his (ex?) wife’s lawyer to see whether Del Rio’s divorce has been finalized, and, well …

“No. They are far from it at this stage.

“Of course, Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce. History repeats itself.”

Okay, good. Good. Yes, everything is going perfectly fine and absolutely nothing about this is worrisome. Have a great Monday, everyone!

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