Paige Is Considering A Future In MMA After She Leaves WWE

Our old friend Paige is back in the news this week, but don’t worry: it’s all positive stuff! She and her family are going to be the subjects of a biopic produced by The Rock, so that’s exciting. And now we’re getting the news that she might be following in the footsteps of her fiancé, Alberto Del Rio, who had a brief MMA career and is now the real-life president of an MMA company, Combate Americas.
During an on-the-street interview with TMZ, Alberto Del Rio talked about how Combate Americas, is “taking over” MMA. He was asked whether there’s any chance that he might renew his MMA career and get in the cage himself, and that’s when he turned to Paige and revealed her burgeoning plans for a future in mixed martial arts.

“There’s more [chance of] this one fighting in the cage,” Alberto said, indicating Paige. He then stopped himself, referencing “[our] amigos from Stamford, up there.”

“You’re trying to get me in trouble again,” Paige said as they all laughed.

“She was actually training with me the other day at the jiu-jitsu gym, and it went amazing,” Del Rio continued. “She did an amazing job. I already offered her a contract last night, but I’m not going to tell you how did I pay her,” he joked. “But there’s more chance of Paige [fighting]. I’m too old for that. My days as an MMA fighter are completely done.”

The interviewer finally turned his attention to Paige and asked if she’d ever get into the sport of MMA.

“When my time with WWE comes to an end, at some point, maybe. I’ve actually really enjoyed it. I’m like, I want to start training every single week. Which we’re going to start doing, right? Campbell [McLaren], his boss, has been trying to get me to join [Combate Americas] for such a long time. He’s a great trainer, too. He’s the one who’s been training me, so it’s been really fun.”

During her answer, Del Rio kept indicating that yes, she’s definitely going to go into MMA, and he touted her as the person who’s going to be Combate Americas’ first British female fighter.