Paige Reveals She Has Undergone Successful Neck Surgery

The past several months for WWE Superstar Paige have been nothing less than a roller coaster. While being off television due to an injury, she was suspended by WWE twice for back-to-back Wellness Policy violations. In between her suspensions, her significant other, Alberto Del Rio, parted ways with WWE. Her family was outspoken about their disagreement with Paige’s second suspension, as was Paige herself. Also, there was a knife attack. Most recently, Paige proposed to Del Rio in Puerto Rico, something else that her family was unhappy about. One bit of good news, though: she was finally able to have that neck surgery she talked about needing back during her first suspension.

Paige underwent surgery on Wednesday for a herniation in her neck similar to the one that Nikki Bella has recently returned from. Similar to Nikki, Paige now has screws in her neck as well. And they both went to the same doctor: Dr. Uribe. Total Divas neck twinsies!

We here at With Spandex are extremely glad that the surgery went well and that she has her significant other and support system with her while she begins the long road to recovery. We’re also glad that both Paige and Del Rio will be featured on the sixth season of Total Divas, because that shit is going to be unbelievably fascinating.