Paige Is Officially Starting Her Journey Back To WWE

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01.24.17 9 Comments

Paige hasn’t been in a wrestling match since June of 2016, and hasn’t been on WWE television (excluding Total Divas) since August, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t written a whole bunch about her since then. Granted, we’ve mostly been writing about her being suspended, or bizarrely vague knife attacks, or brawls with ninja turtles, but for the first time in a while, we’re here to bring you some actual good news about her since she successfully underwent neck surgery back in October.
On Monday, Paige announced that she has officially begun her rehab, and not only that: she’s already ahead of schedule, according to her doctor.

Beyond rehab, Paige is also keeping busy and staying in touch with her WWE coworkers in other ways (beyond being a Total Divas cast member, of course). She and Del Rio are going to be hosting a Royal Rumble after-party at their restaurant in San Antonio that is meant to feature WWE Superstars and only has a $5 cover! How can you beat that?

There has been rampant speculation that Paige will never return to WWE after her surgery, and perhaps will quit wrestling altogether, but the early indication from the woman herself is that she’s very anxious to wrestle again. We’re still months, if not a year away from when she would be cleared to wrestle again, so only time will tell whether she will one day compete for either of the WWE Women’s Championships again, or will be back on the Shine/Shimmer scene, or just walks away from wrestling altogether.

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