Paige’s Brothers Say WWE Suspended Her Due To Prescription Medication For A Neck Injury

On Monday, WWE announced that Paige has been suspended 60 days for a Wellness Policy violation. It is Paige‘s second suspension in the past three months and comes shortly after she insisted she was staying with WWE, but will be having neck surgery for a lingering injury. Her significant other, the former Alberto Del Rio has weighed in on the situation. Her brothers have now taken to Facebook to have their sister’s back.

Of particular note is Zak Bevis claiming that Paige’s neck surgery could potentially end her wrestling career, which is the first we’ve heard about the severity of the situation. (Although she has not wrestled since the end of June, which could be an indication that more is going on with Paige than just behind-the-scenes drama.)

It’s a horrifying thought that Paige’s neck might be permanently “fooked” when she is just 24 years old. As wrestling fans, we know that our favorite performers can suffer career-ending mishaps at any time. It’s a harsh reminder just how dangerous all of this can be.

Paige’s brothers’ statements seem to corroborate the frustrated tweets that Paige sent out following the announcement of her suspension. While some WWE performers may be huge fans of the company’s Wellness Policy, there have been indications as of late that it may be far from a perfect system.

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