Scott Dawson Of The Revival Gave A WWE Tryout Class One Of The Best Pep Talks Ever

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, better known as The Revival, have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re the best tag team in NXT. They’re almost certainly the best tag team in all of WWE, and there’s a strong, compelling, and convincing argument to be made that they’re the best team in the world, full stop.

So when you need someone to give a completely frank and engaging pep talk to a full class of potential WWE recruits at the Performance Center, you of course turn to the Revival. Dawson was recently called upon to deliver a speech to a tryout class at the PC, and we all need to thank the seven deities that someone was on hand to record the speech and upload it to WWE’s YouTube channel.

“Just know that you guys have the best opportunity in the world. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. This is all I’ve ever looked forward to doing my whole entire life. I’ve dedicated over half of my life to being the best wrestler in the world, and every day, I’ve tried to accomplish that. Just know that even though you’re busting your ass, and you go home and you’re tired, and you’re sore, we do this every single day. And there’s no opportunity like the one that you have in front of you, so please don’t take it for granted. Work as hard as you can, and the work only starts if you actually make it here.

“So I guess just work as hard as you can, and respect what we do. Respect yourselves, too. And if you get this opportunity, don’t stop learning. Because your goal should be to be as good as me. It’ll never happen, but that should be your goal, to be the best in the business around the world. So have fun, enjoy, and you’ve got the best minds in the world right here with you. So congratulations.”

I can’t stop watching the part where he says they’ll never be as good as him, because it VIOLENTLY pops everyone in the room, and you can distinctly hear Scott Bloom losing his shit. And what really takes this entire thing to another level is what happened after the pep talk.

The cameraman then followed Dawson down the hall and into the weight room, and asked him, now that they’re out of the group setting, what does Scott Dawson REALLY want to say to all these prospective WWE wrestlers?

“That I hope you never make it in this business, because there is no upper echelon except for me. I’m the only one that even means anything around here, because I am the best. And what I said was true; that I am the best, and I’ve worked harder than any of them to get here, and I’ll continue to work harder than any of them.

“If they want to challenge me, first get a job here, and then come see me face to face. Because you can’t beat me in the ring, you can’t beat me on the mic, you can’t beat me in the weight room, because I’m a body guy, I’m a charisma guy, and I’m an in-ring technician. So if anybody makes it, then you’ve gotta face me, every single day.”

If you watch that entire video and don’t walk away convinced that Dawson truly IS one of the absolute elite all-around talents in wrestling today, I can’t help you. Top guy forever.