WWE May Be Planning To Offer Pay-Per-Views For Only $4.99 Through The WWE Network

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The WWE Network may offer a decent selection of programming, and a vast back-catalog of classic wrestling, but the service’s main selling point has always been that you can get all of WWE’s pay-per-views for only $9.99 a month. What kind of idiot would pay $54.95 for a pay-per-view when you can get it on the award-winning WWE Network for only $9.99, Maggle?!

Well, it sounds like WWE may be planning to take their undercutting of the PPV market to the next level. Recently, WWE Network subscribers who have canceled their accounts have been receiving a survey, and one of the questions asked is whether they’d be interested in the option to buy PPVs à la carte through the Network for only $4.99.

You can see why WWE might consider this, being that most people don’t really watch the non-wrestling and on-demand stuff on the Network. On the other hand, it’s one thing to say, “We have a $9.99 streaming service and all the PPVs come with it for free!” and another to just straight-up say, “Our PPVs are worth five bucks now.” It makes sense, and yet, from a public perception angle, it doesn’t.

What do you folks think? Even if you’ve never sampled the Network, would you be interested in $4.99 PPVs? For those who do have the Network, would you drop it in favor of just grabbing the big shows?

(Via PWInsider)