Here’s The Exact Moment From Raw When Becky Lynch’s Injury Happened


We’ve all been heartbroken by the news that Becky Lynch is off the Survivor Series card, with her planned match against Ronda Rousey (which should have been the main event) reportedly canceled thanks to a broken nose and a concussion. There’s been lots of discussion, even before that news broke, when we just knew she was bloodied, about exactly when in the brawl with the Raw locker room her injury occurred.

Now a new fan video from last night, posted on YouTube by Windy City Heel, appears to show exactly what happened to Becky.

Update: Via Smackdown

As you can see in the video, Becky is punching Nia repeatedly, but in the usual relatively safe-looking manner of pro wrestling, when Nia appears to respond with a serious-looking punch directly to Becky’s face, which knocks her to the mat. I don’t want to speculate about exactly what caused this mishap, as these brawls can often be messy and chaotic, and accidents do happen. While Nia may be turned toward Becky when the punch happens, everybody’s hair is flying around in their faces and Nia could herself have been thrown a bit off-kilter if one of Becky’s punches landed harder than it was intended to. In any case, it’s an unfortunate situation all around, and we may never know exactly what happened in that split second.

It looks now like there’s little hope left that the initial reports of Becky being pulled from Sunday’s show will turn out not to be true, which is disappointing for everyone. We’ll know more about what happens Sunday once Smackdown starts tonight, although we’ll probably get a made-up reason why it’s happening.