The Brian Kendrick Suffered Some Bad Injuries On WWE Raw

Contributing Writer
12.26.17 13 Comments

The Christmas Day episode of WWE Raw was about medium-eventful as far as storylines go; perhaps even barely eventful. The Raw Tag Team Championship changed hands, sure, but the next-most-eventful thing from a televised perspective was John Cena giving a stranger some clothes.

But it looks like that episode of Raw was eventful behind the scenes, as The Brian Kendrick suffered an injury in his match against Hideo Itami and needed to go to the hospital. The extent of his injuries was not known until late on Tuesday, but it looks to be pretty significant.

Kendrick reportedly suffered the injuries during the finish of the match, which saw him on the receiving end of a Go 2 Sleep that apparently hit the mark a bit too well. As you can see from the below GIF, while the camera angle didn’t look like the GTS necessarily caught him more flush than usual, he immediately came up clutching his face.

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