WWE Raw Will Air Live On Two Major Holidays For The First Time Ever

Senior Editor, Sports
09.05.17 17 Comments


WWE likes to celebrate that Raw is the longest-running weekly episodic television show in history, or something to that effect. But in the rare cases when Christmas Day and New Year’s Day have fallen on a Monday, WWE has always given their wrestlers time off, by airing a clip show, or a version of Tribute to the Troops, or some other way around actually putting on a three-hour show of completely new content.

Well, that’s all going to change this year. On Monday, WWE announced that there will be a new, live, all-new episode of Raw on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day this year. That’s unprecedented, and if history is any indication, it likely won’t make a huge difference in the ratings, which will likely be down anyway.

The past two years, for example, the July 4th edition of Raw has reached historic lows, because people tend to go out barbecuing and drinking, rather than staying in to watch wrestling. Christmas and New Year’s Day are — sorry, fans of America — slightly bigger deals than the Fourth of July.

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