WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/25/13

Tonight, on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

After an action-packed 27th Annual Survivor Series, WWE Champion Randy Orton found himself in a surprising staredown with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. The tense moment drew the attention of Mr. McMahon, who stormed into the arena after the pay-per-view went off the air. As WWE TLC fast approaches, here are five reasons to catch tonight’s Raw, featuring an appearance by Super Bowl Champion Michael Strahan. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Unless Michael Strahan’s appearance involves Kelly Ripa catching a triple powerbomb through the announce table, I’m not interested. I’m assuming Santino’s already drawing a tooth gap on the front of the Cobra.

2. The big headline on WWE.com is WHY DID JOHN CENA CONFRONT RANDY ORTON? I wish the body of the story was just, “because he’s John Cena and the most important person in the world and he can’t ever just mind his own business and leave people alone.” And then a bunch of angry-face emojis.

3. I love that WWE.com has no idea what’s going on Raw. All the preview points are just “have you seen our video game? Oh, maybe the Wyatt Family will do something!” Yes, WWE.com, maybe they will!

4. If you need an updated reason to love The Shield, please watch this video immediately.

5. The Daniel Bryan shirts aren’t getting any better. Idea: let’s back away from putting a cartoon goat on everything and maybe make a new YES shirt that doesn’t look like we got it from Pizza Hut?

Reminder: The Curtis Axel Art Project is still in full swing. This week we’re asking you to show us the movie poster for a new WWE Films film starring the former IC Champ. If you’ve got one in mind, tweet it to me directly @MrBrandonStroud with the hashtag #CurtisAxelArtProject.

The 10 best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will get a spot in tomorrow’s Best and Worst report, so if you see a comment you like, reply to it with a +1.

Enjoy the show, all.