WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/17/12: Oh Lord, It’s The Slammy Awards Again

Tonight, on a three-hour Twitter poll:

The Shield stood alone as WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs drew to its chaotic close, with the renegade triumvirate knocking off Ryback & Team Hell No in a frenzied Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match in the bowels of Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Barclays Center. And now that the dust has settled, the fate of WWE is up in the air — as the band of rogues continues their vicious mission to restore “justice” to WWE. Will their crusade include attacks on a new slew of targets? Only time will tell.

And what of AJ Lee’s betrayal on John Cena? How will the former Raw General Manager justify costing the Cenation Leader the Money in the Bank contract?

On a lighter note: It’s the Slammys! That magical time of year when the WWE Universe gathers to honor the best, the brightest, the biggest, the smallest the weirdest, the trendiest and the Tout-iest of the year that was. Will WWE Champion CM Punk repeat as Superstar of the Year? Or will The Shield endeavor to crash this party as well? There’s only one way to find out, but before you do, here’s our five-point preview for this week’s Raw … (via WWE.com)

Five-point preview:

1. This year the Slammy Awards are #RAWACTIVE, which means the results will be even more palatable to the masses than usual. Up for the Match Of The Year Slammy, you can choose between Naomi vs. Eve from TLC, the first Raw match between Ryback and Tensai or TRIPLE H AND UNDERTAKER HELL IN A CELL AT WRESTLEMANIA END OF AN ERA WHAT WILL YOU DECIDE LET THE FANS VOICES BE HEARD

2. This is a sentence in WWE’s Raw preview:

With Sheamus left in ruins by the big man’s chair strikes, who will step up to try and take the title from the giant’s titanic clutches?

The only good answer:

Tonight: Big Show vs. DJ Gabriel!

3. 3MB continues their sudden crusade against Spanish speaking people, probably, and will get into it with Car Stereo, because they’re the only other people in the company who speak Spanish. Or Rosa Mendes, for maximum lulz.

4. Jerry Lawler makes more jokes about giving his genitals to people as Christmas presents.

5. At least 3 commercial break explanations of how Wrangler jeans have crotches in a U-shape, so they don’t split your penis in half like a wet log.

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Enjoy the show, everybody.