WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/29/14

Tonight, on the final With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread of 2014:

Get those cameras ready for a five-second pose or two, because Edge & Christian are in charge this week on Raw! How will this iconic tag team ensure that the final Raw of 2014 reeks of awesomeness? As the WWE Universe anxiously awaits Royal Rumble 2015 in just four weeks, WWE.com has a few theories on how 2014 will come to a close in WWE. (via WWE.com)

Here’s our five-point preview.

1. “Totally reeks of awesomeness” is the go-to Edge and Christian phrase, but I’m a fan of “barfoid.” Christian once called Pete Gas a barfoid for trying to touch his sunglasses collection. It’s a deep cut, but it’s my favorite.

2. If I know anything about wrestling, tonight’s hosting gig ends with Christian shockingly turning on Edge and demanding “one more match.” That begins a program for Christian leading into the Royal Rumble, and then he gets hurt again before anything important happens.

3. Welcome to THE WASTELAND~ as The Ascension makes their Raw debut. Spoiler alert: “The wasteland” is what NXT guys use to describe the main roster.

4. In WWE’s five-point preview they call Dolph Ziggler “The Zig Man.” Is that a thing now? I guess I should be lucky they aren’t calling him “Big” something. BIG ZIG. THE BIG MAN.

5. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will compete in an Auld Lang Syne match, which is just an extreme rules match with New Year’s Eve decorations. Wyatt will win after running into Dan Fogelberg in a record store and using him to knock out Ambrose. Raw ends with snow turning into rain.

+1 your favorite comments and I’ll include 10 in tomorrow’s final Best and Worst of Raw of 2014. It’s slightly more prestigious than the others, if you believe that! Enjoy the show.