WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/14/16

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Triple H escaped with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but as he walks into Pittsburgh with the ultimate prize, what message will he have for his WrestleMania opponent Roman Reigns? And how will Dean Ambrose respond to coming up short at WWE Roadblock? (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Shane McMahon and The Undertaker are both confirmed for Raw, so let’s hope some sh*t goes down. At least some sh*t more compelling than Undertaker walking out, saying, “I’m the Undertaker,” and leaving like last time.

2. There are a few other big names rumored to be making appearances tonight, so click here if you want to be (maybe) spoiled.

3. The New Day defend the Tag Team Championship against Rusev and Alberto Del Rio. It’s the sequel to New Day vs. Sheamus and King Barrett at Roadblock. On Smackdown they’ll defend their titles against The Amazing French-Canadians and it’ll be a clean sweep.

4. One would assume Roman Reigns is returning tonight, so have fun with that conversation.

5. The Lana vs. Brie Bella barnburner continues, presumably to set up a 60-minute Ironwoman match at WrestleMania. That joke is funny no matter what NXT-related thing you put there. “Lana and Brie Bella will have a best 2-out-of-3 falls match at WrestleMania.” “Lana and Brie Bella will face Austin Aries in a triple threat at WrestleMania.” Just all of it.

+1 your favorite comments from tonight’s open thread and we’ll include 10 of the best in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw. Tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw will also have a page devoted to Roadblock, which I keep typing as “Battleground” or “Breakdown” even though I watched the entire thing and have a working memory. Enjoy the show!

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