WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/26/12: The End Of The End Of An Era

Tonight: a special documentary!

Get unprecedented access into The Rock and John Cena’s incredible journey in a special hour-long documentary tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network. Then later tonight on Raw, Rock and Cena will meet for one more live in-ring confrontation before WrestleMania.

Or, I don’t know, skip the documentary and watch the two hours of video packages that follow it.

– This is the last (important) stop on the Road To Wrestlemania, so expect a lot of major things to happen! Hahaha, just kidding!

– Poll of the week:

– Last week we had a weird error where the site wouldn’t let you post comments on the reg and gave you “SLOW DOWN INTERNET GUY YOU’RE PARTICIPATING TOO MUCH” messages. That problem has been addressed and solved, so let’s get this bad boy back up to the 2,000+ monster it was.

– I’m going to be at Wrestlemania this weekend (section 138 … stop by, say hi, bring a With Leather sign!) so the tentative Best and Worst schedule looks like this: Best And Worst Of Raw tomorrow, Best And Worst Of Wrestlemania X-7 on Friday. A “Best And Worst Of Wrestlemania Weekend” for Monday morning (I’ll be on a plane for most of Monday), Best And Worst Of next week’s Raw written by comedian Chris Trew for Tuesday, and Best And Worst Of Wrestlemania 28 proper by me on Wednesday. Other festivities will hopefully be announced soon.