WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/31/14: The End Of The Endless Road To WrestleMania

03.31.14 5 years ago 2,136 Comments

Tonight, on the go-home With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Well, here we are: The final Raw on The Road to WrestleMania, and on the verge of a twelve-car pile-up in each lane. Daniel Bryan hasn’t been seen since being carried out on a gurney two weeks ago thanks to Triple H. Bray Wyatt is – for all intents and purposes – haunting John Cena. Batista’s at his wits’ end. And The Undertaker’s ghoulish misdirection has Brock Lesnar running scared. Six days before WWE descends upon New Orleans for The Show of Shows, what lies ahead on Raw? WWE.com has five ideas. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Tonight The Undertaker continues his trend of dominating and humiliating Brock Lesnar at every turn by … dominating and humiliating Brock Lesnar? I don’t know, but they’re advertising this as Taker’s “final message” to Brock, which I assume will involve lightning. How hilarious would it be if Brock just mauled Undertaker at WrestleMania and ended the streak in like five minutes?

2. All of the WWE.com preview points are just WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT WRESTLEMANIA, so I’m forced to make a lot of it up. They moved the tag titles match to the pre-show, everybody loves that, right? Cesaro doesn’t get a spot on WrestleMania but Eva Marie does! And Rosa Mendes!

3. Randy Orton vs. Batista happens tonight, in case you were wondering what the original, unfiltered WrestleMania 30 main event was gonna look like. They should just sit down in the ring and discuss how much they hate pants. “I can’t keep my skinny jeans from tearing open asshole-first!” “That’s why I never WEAR pants!” etc.

4. The WrestleMania 30 shirts are hilarious. They’re just like DOES IT REMIND YOU OF NEW ORLEANS? PUT IT ON THE SHIRT. There’s one with a random voodoo guy, one with an alligator, a jester … they should just buy up old Saints shirts and change all the names on the back to WRESTLEMANIA MAN.

5. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. WrestleMania’s on Sunday. Everybody’s gonna be taking it reeeeeal easy tonight, so look for lots of 3 minute matches and lengthy promos where nobody touches.

As always, the 10 best comments from tonight’s WWE Raw open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw column, so if you see a comment you like, reply to it with +1 to nominate it for consideration.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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