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On tonight’s show:

“People Power” may have met its ignominious end in the swamps of New Jersey last night, but the WWE Universe will have one final opportunity tonight to hear from the newly out-of-work Mr. Excitement. Now that his tenure as Raw’s top authority figure is officially in the rear-view mirror, will the WWE Universe see a new, more humble, side of Laurinaitis? On his way out the door, will “Big Johnny” attempt to make good for his many previous wrongs? Or, will he leave Raw in much the same way that he governed it – kicking and screaming? (via WWE.com)

I hope it’s just Vince stomping out and saying “uhhhh turns out I lost the ability to perform day-to-day actions like firing people last year when I let CM Punk leave WWE with the title, so I guess you still have your job” and then meekly power-walking away.


– Will AW’s shocking turn on Primo and Epico lead to the Primetime Players getting their WWE Tag Team title shot? Probably not!

– Tyson Kidd takes on Daniel Bryan in a 30-minute contest I’m pretending exists.

– Triple H will continue to call out Brock Lesnar for a match at Summerslam, and if we’re lucky the segment will involve a table and chairs and several minutes of legal discussion.

– John Cena cannot ever be f**king beaten.

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