WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 6/30/14

Tonight, on the post-Money in the Bank With Leather open discussion thread:

The cash has been counted, the dust has settled, and John Cena is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Cenation leader’s grueling trek to the top of the ladder at Money in the Bank may have placed him in the throne for the 15th time, but the target on his back has become bigger than ever thanks to freshly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and his backers in The Authority. What will happen to kick off The Champ’s 15th World Title reign on Raw? WWE.com has a few ideas. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Will Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase?!? Our column: No.

2. Some people are happy that John Cena won the championship ladder match, and some people aren’t. That’s okay. They pay their hard-earned money for a ticket and can cheer or boo whoever they want! Here is a zany recap of last night’s events before I get deadly serious, jack. You just interrupted me? How about we have a match TONIGHT! Wait wait wait hold on a minute, we can’t have a match tonight, but we can have a DIFFERENT kind of match, or our match at a later date!

3. Be sure you’ve read the Best and Worst of Money in the Bank 2014 before watching Raw tonight.

4. Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is scheduled to appear in a WWE App exclusive during a commercial break to interact briefly with Adam Rose and call him a “dingleberry.”

5. In a related note, if you see Bo Dallas in the street, run him to him and yell DICK FACEEEEE. He’ll love it. It’s all part of a joke!

+1 your favorite comments and I’ll include 10 in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. Enjoy the show, everybody.