WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/6/15

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Win, Owens, Win. At least, he better, now that the trash-talking NXT Champion has been reduced to the trash-talkingformer NXT Champion following the events of The Beast In the East this past weekend on WWE Network. Kevin Owens’ long flight back to the United States sans his beloved title must have left the brawler with a sour taste in his mouth, which means reigning U.S. Champion John Cena should expect a long, long night from his No. 1 contender. What hell will Owens unleash on the Cenation leader? WWE.com has some ideas. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. The reaction of Kevin Owens to what went down at Brock Lesnar: The Beast in the East Live in Tokyo: Unstoppable should be the best part of the show, especially if it involves him going 20 minutes with Cesaro. That’s a thing that can actually happen right now, right? Let’s will that into existence.

2. Brock Lesnar has another new t-shirt (to go along with the dozen-or-so personalized Suplex City variants), but it once again doesn’t have a Jimmy John’s logo on it anywhere, so it can once again go screw.

3. The preview picture for Raw on WWE.com seriously needs a Brazzers logo on it somewhere, or it’s a bizarre interpretation of John Cena going potty. Either or. That has to be a rib, there’s no way somebody looked at that photo and cropped it like that and was like, “yep, John Cena awkwardly sitting with a look of bemusement, that’s what’ll sell Raw.”

4. Dolph Ziggler and Lana will make a public announcement that they’ve gotten to second base, and will sell it by standing 10 feet away from each other with their hands over their crotches, rocking back and forth with smiles on their faces. Raw romance is written by a fourth-grader.

5. In lieu of flowers, The New Day suggests we pay our respects to Kofi Kingston by clapping, pausing, then clapping twice.

+1 your favorite comments from tonight’s open discussion thread and we’ll include 10 of the best in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw report. Enjoy the show, everybody!

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