WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/16/12: Oh God, Next Week Is Three Hours

Alternate caption: “Look at his tiny baby hands. When did John Cena become a Rob Liefeld character?”

Anyway, I wanted to put a blurb here about how Raw would feature “fallout” from the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, but I don’t think it will. Next week is Raw’s 1000th episode (and the beginning of their three hour show experiment, aka “Brandon’s sorrowful march to death”) so I’m looking for Raw to be one hour of Raw 1000 commercials and one hour of crazy filler. Just kidding! It’s gonna be fun and exciting!

Well, it’s official: John Cena and Dolph Ziggler are money, having captured the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship contracts, respectively, at Money in the Bank 2012 and earning themselves a free pass at the supreme prizes any time in the next year. Ziggler’s already tried to cash in once on Sheamus, but was taken out with a Brogue Kick before the match could begin, and with Cena suddenly in the driver’s seat and current WWE Champion CM Punk reeling from a vicious No-DQ Match against Daniel Bryan, could the time be ripe for a title change? Only time will tell …

John Cena should cash in his contract on Dolph Ziggler, steal Ziggler’s briefcase and cash THAT in to win the World Heavyweight Championship, because he’s John Cena and he can do that.

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Pre-show discussion questions:

1. We aren’t up to Raw 1000 yet. Will another star from the past show up to emasculate Heath Slater? More importantly, will it be Mantaur?

2. What’re the chances both Cena and Ziggler cash in tonight, so we don’t have to spend the next six months talking about when they’re gonna cash in?

3. Is Sin Cara still gonna be around after last night, or what?