WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/11/14

This week on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

If Hulk Hogan wanted a blockbuster Raw for his birthday, he’s definitely getting it! Not only will the WWE Hall of Famer party it up with legions of Hulkamaniacs around the world Monday night, but he’ll bear witness as WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and the monstrous Brock Lesnar come to Raw just six nights before their SummerSlam clash. What else awaits on Raw? WWE.com has some ideas. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. I am extremely excited for Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration. By “Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration” I of course mean “Hulk Hogan and his 60-year old pals from the 90s getting smeared into orange clumps of flesh and bone by a rabid Brock Lesnar, or possibly some time-traveling incarnation of The Shield.”

2. JOHN CENA returns to Raw, probably to make that “I never leave, I’m ALWAYS HERE” point a week after ditching Raw to film a Tina Fey movie.

3. Important: the neon green John Cena era is over. We’re now in the ketchup and mustard John Cena era.

4. Last week, Stephanie McMahon humiliated the Bella Twins by pedigreeing both of them. This week, look for the Bellas to get revenge on Stephanie by hitting her with THEIR finisher, which I guess is the roll-up?

5. This is the go-home Raw for SummerSlam, so if anything of note’s gonna happen during this cycle, it’ll happen here. If Goldust and Stardust wrestle Rybaxel again I’m going to chop my hands off with a meat cleaver.

As always, ten of the best comments will make it into tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw column, so nominate your favorites with a +1. Enjoy the show, everybody.