WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/7/15

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

With The League of Nations by his side, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus seems unstoppable going into his Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match title defense at WWE TLC, but Roman Reigns has a squad of his own in The Usos and Dean Ambrose. What will transpire between these two warring factions on Raw? (via WWE.com)

Here’s our five-point preview:

1. Roman Reigns’ team will probably get a name tonight, and it’ll probably be “The Family.” I still don’t know how you can put the Shield and the Usos in a faction and not call it the Samoan Swat Team, but I’m not a professional. Worst case scenario, it’s a great way for Roman to awkwardly work “fam” into promos.

2. Let’s hope the “Miz takes Neville under his wing” story from Smackdown continues on tonight’s show. Bonus points if it brings Damien Sandow back from the dead and gives him something relevant to do.

3. Kofi Kingston says New Day is about to have a game-changing piece of merchandise, so maybe we’ll see that tonight. I’m not sure what it could even be, unless WWE Shop is selling actual trombone-playing unicorns. Any guesses?

4. The Charlotte/Becky Lynch beef continues, with the point seeming to be, “everyone else is a crazy heel, Becky, why don’t you be the same?” Maybe Becky will start headbutting people with her geared-up top hats.

5. Cena’s not back yet — at least I don’t think he is — but WWE shared this art of him as Shazam and it couldn’t be more perfect. An incredibly powerful super hero with the sensibilities of a child? I couldn’t have written it better myself. Especially because his arch-nemesis is Black Adam, also known as The Rock. Thrice in a lifetime confirmed?

As always, we’re including 10 of tonight’s best comments in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw report. Reply to your favorites with a +1 to nominate them for top 10 consideration. Enjoy the show, everybody!