WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/9/19

Tonight on a very somber With Spandex WWE open discussion thread:

It’s finally happening, people. After weeks of psychological warfare, marital strife, extraneous make out sessions, restraining orders and arrests, Rusev and Lana will finally divorce on this week’s Raw. On paper (so to speak), this should be a net positive for both: Now, Lana is free to cavort with Bobby Lashley as much as she likes, while Rusev can start his own life anew free from his less-than-blessed union. Theoretically, this could all go down smoothly and without incident. But nothing has been quite so simple with these two for a time now. Strap in and get ready. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Rusev and Lana are getting divorced, live on Raw. Somebody convince Vince McMahon that it’s real so he can stop punishing them for getting married without asking permission.

2. AJ Styles will challenge Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship in a match where there’s a 60% chance The O.C. interferes and it turns into a tag match, so they can do it again at the pay-per-view that’s in six days.

3. No, really. There’s a pay-per-view in six days.

4. The only match not accounted for from the venue’s leaked card is a TLC match for the Women’s Tag Team Championship, so don’t be surprised if that gets set up tonight.

5. Batista and four guy who are already in the Hall of Fame are getting into the Hall of Fame, so look for that announcement as well.

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