The Shield United One Last Time After Raw Went Off The Air


It certainly seems that Dean Ambrose really is done with WWE. He didn’t have a match at WrestleMania, and his advertised “final match” on Raw last night didn’t even happen. He just got beaten up by his would-be opponent Bobby Lashley, after Lashley made a rude comment about Dean’s wife. That would be no way to send off a beloved figure of WWE’s last few years, however, especially in front of the smarky (if easily distracted) Brooklyn Raw-after-WrestleMania crowd. So after the show went off the air, new WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins was joined in the ring by Roman Reigns, who hadn’t appeared on Raw. The two of them then welcomed Ambrose, who spoke genuinely about his time with the Shield. The three did their fistbump pose one more time for a very excited audience. Fortunately while it didn’t air on USA, you can still watch the whole segment:

Dean really seems like a man who’s proud of his career and loves his friends, but he’s just done with this right now. We so rarely see a performer leave when they’re not at the bottom of the card, involved in a controversy, badly injured, or just old. Dean is none of those things, and that can make it hard to believe this is for real. I believe it is, though, and I’m rooting for Dean to go out and find whatever he’s not finding in WWE anymore.