WWE Raw’s Ratings Have Dropped Even Lower As The Bottom Continues To Fall Out

Have you gotten used to that headline yet? Since Labor Day and the start of the NFL season, WWE Raw’s ratings have plummeted to record lows. That was bad news, and it isn’t getting better.

Despite the presence of Brock Lesnar and the aftermath of the Madison Square Garden show providing a slight uptick in viewership — 3.78 million — Monday’s Raw from Chicago only brought in an average of 3.28 million viewers over three hours. That breaks down to 3.58 million in hour one, 3.25 in hour two and only 3.08 million in hour three, down from a 3.1 hour three in the previously record-setting low week. That’s a new lowest non-holiday total in years and the official lowest viewership of the three-hour era, and we’re getting close to dipping below 3 million viewers for an hour.

If you missed the episode — and a lot of you did, apparently — it featured a lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and a “mystery opponent” chosen by Kane that turned out to be the other version of Kane. It also featured WWE aborting months of story to coordinate with a TMZ post, a match stopping to acknowledge a marriage proposal in the crowd and an hours-long conference call with “Who’s On First?” style jokes.

Maybe the increased play on ESPN will help? It’s becoming more and more difficult to explain why WWE’s ratings sink as their mainstream media coverage grows.

Info via Showbuzz Daily