Memorial Day Was Also Unkind To WWE Raw’s Ratings

06.01.17 11 months ago 9 Comments


So, yeah. That “This is Your Life, Bayley” segment may not have been a great idea. For the fourth time in May, Raw ratings hit a low. That’s not good! Granted, there are a bevy of very good excuses for a lot of these low ratings this month. NBA Playoffs. NHL Playoffs. The overseas taped Raw from London. And now Memorial Day. These are all very good reasons Raw has been underperforming. Just don’t look at Smackdown’s ratings being up. Don’t look, I said.

Anyway, the go-home show for Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view (ohhhh, right, I remember now!) set a new 2017 low in viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily. An average of 2.61 million viewers tuned in for the three hours of Raw, which is down from last week’s 2.62 million. Not a huge dip, but still a low, and without going head-to-head with an NBA game.

Still, this is far from the worst news. The average only dipped 0.01 million viewers, and this was a holiday Monday. The other bit of good news was that fans didn’t tune out in the third hour nearly as much as they have been over the past couple of months, and Raw retained a big portion of its historically fickle hour-three viewers for the Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins main event.

As I have written before, the real test will be when NBA and NHL goes away for the season … which, perhaps not coincidentally, is about when WWE will ramp up for SummerSlam. Weird!

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