After A Week Of Improvement, Raw’s Viewership Was Historically Low Again

After two weeks with record-low audiences, Raw broke out of its slump last Monday, gaining more viewers the night after Money In The Bank. However, that increase didn’t become a trend. According to data from Showbuzz Daily, fewer people tuned in to Raw this week, and the episode drew the program’s second-smallest live cable audience in its history.

This week’s Raw, which featured a brand-to-brand invitational match between Drew McIntyre and King Corbin, the return of Kevin Owens, and a kickass recorder performance by Kairi Sane, was viewed by an average of 1.76 million people over its three-hour run time. The first hour was viewed by 1.82 million people, the second by 1.81, and the third by 1.64.

The Raw with the lowest viewership ever is still the episode from two weeks ago, which was viewed by 1.69 million people, but the May 18 Raw now holds the second-place spot, bumping the Christmas 2018 episode, which had 1.78 million viewers.

Like last week, last night’s Raw was the highest-rated show on cable, but it drew lower ratings with 18-49-year-old viewers than that episode. The first two hours of the program both scored an 0.53 rating and the third hour an 0.48, down from 0.59, 0.58, and 0.53 the previous week. The episode occupied the first, second, and fifth-highest ranks in the ratings, with 90 Day Fiancé occupying the third and fourth slots.