WWE Raw Results 8/18/14

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Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for August 18, 2014. The show featured fallout from SummerSlam, a new WWE World Heavyweight Championship title belt and a rematch between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Be back here tomorrow for the Best and Worst of WWE Raw column.

WWE Raw results:

– The show began with Stephanie McMahon entering to Daniel Bryan’s music, wearing her parody STEPH! STEPH! STEPH! t-shirt. Nikki Bella showed up and explained her heel turn from SummerSlam. Brie Bella interrupted, and the two argued. Nikki slapped Brie and sent her running away crying to end the segment.

1. Big Show and Mark Henry defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Show and Henry won with a knockout punch/World’s Strongest Slam combination.

– Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins backstage, forcing an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on him. This set up a SummerSlam rematch for later in the night.

2. Natalya defeated Divas Champion Paige. Paige was distracted by AJ Lee, allowing Natalya to roll her up and pin her for the non-title victory. After the match, AJ said she loved Paige and devoted her life to her. She tried to shake Paige’s hand, but Paige bailed.

– The Authority presented Brock Lesnar with the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. It looks like the WWE Championship, but with the new WWE logo (and Lesnar side plates). Paul Heyman cut a long promo putting over John Cena, then thoroughly reassuring us that Brock Lesnar had killed him.

3. Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler. (c) Miz won by count-out, so the title did not change hands. After the match, Miz tried to attack Ziggler and got put down with a Zig Zag.

4. Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger. Cesaro pinned Swagger after a Neturalizer. After the match, Swagger was emasculated by Bo Dallas.

5. Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton, Ryback and Curtis Axel. Van Dam pinned Axel with a Five-Star Frog Splash to win the match for his team.

6. Goldust and Stardust defeated Tag Team Champions The Usos. Stardust won the match with a rollup. This was the third loss for champions on the show. Two non-title losses and Ziggler’s count-out loss to The Miz.

– Rusev and Lana showed up to brag about their victory at SummerSlam. They were interrupted by Mark Henry, who stuck up for America. They brawled, and Henry flattened Rusev with a World’s Strongest Slam and a splash.

– Next week John Cena addresses the WWE Universe.

7. Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose. This was a Falls Count Anywhere match. It featured a running powerbomb onto a bed of chairs, a superplex through a table and a curb stomp on the announce table. Ambrose had the match won with Dirty Deeds, but Kane interfered, ultimately revealing a pile of cinderblocks and holding a prone Ambrose against them so Rollins could Curb Stomp him through them. EMTs took Ambrose away on a stretcher and Rollins was declared the winner.

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