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Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for August 7, 2017. The show featured two triple threat matches to begin determining a No. 1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship, and a Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

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WWE Raw Results:

— The show opened with The Miz and his Miztourage in the ring. Miz demanded that Jason Jordan come to the ring and get payback for attacking him last week. Kurt Angle came out and said Jordan has a match against Curtis Axel later tonight, but he’s giving MizTV a special guest. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came to the ring. Miz insulted Brock and said Lesnar would take his ball and go home after he loses at SummerSlam. Heyman said Lesnar will demonstrate how the SummerSlam Fatal 4-Way will go, and Lesnar attacked and laid out Axel, Miz, and Bo Dallas.

1. Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins. Rollins went to the top rope, but Cesaro distracted him, allowing Sheamus to roll up Rollins for the pin. After the match, Rollins tried to fight both members of The Bar, but they beat him down. Dean Ambrose did not make the save.

— Backstage, Rollins confronted Ambrose and asked what he has to do to prove he’s not the same person he was three years ago. Ambrose told him he’s not getting burned again, and said he needed to get ready to go it alone against Cesaro later.

— Jason Jordan made his entrance for his match, but backstage, Axel was not medically cleared to compete. Angle found a local wrestler named Jean-Pierre Goulet, and gave him the opportunity.

2. Jason Jordan defeated Jean-Pierre Goulet. Jordan won by pinfall after hitting his back suplex neckbreaker.

— Bayley addressed the crowd and said she was frustrated about her injury, but said she thinks her friend Sasha Banks will become the new No. 1 contender to Alexa Bliss’ title.

3. Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox. Bliss sat in on commentary for this match. Banks had Fox in the Banks Statement, but Emma broke it up with a rollup. Banks kicked out and transitioned into a Banks Statement on Emma, who tapped out.

— Enzo Amore and Big Show were talking about Big Cass in the ring, but were interrupted by The Club. Enzo challenged Gallows and Anderson to a match.

4. The Club defeated Big Show and Enzo Amore. In the middle of the match, Big Cass came to ringside. Using the distraction, Gallows knocked Show off the apron. The Club hit the Magic Killer on Amore, but he managed to roll up Gallows. Anderson kicked Amore in the face and covered him for the pin.

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