WWE Raw Results 12/16/19

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for December 9, 2019. The show featured a long gauntlet match with no finish, Randy Orton versus AJ Styles in the Main Event, and more. Make sure to be here tomorrow for the complete Best and Worst of Raw column.

WWE Raw Results:

— Seth Rollins came out to open the show. He introduced AOP, and then told the crowd that he always tells the truth, and that he really is a leader and a visionary. He claimed that he’ll lead this company into the future.

1. The OC defeated the Viking Raiders in a Non-Title Match. Gallows pulled Anderson out of the way of Ivar’s moonsault, then they hit the Legend Killer for the pin.

— Backstage, Erick Rowan implied to Sarah Schreiber that whatever’s in his cage is something he loves like family, but told her to mind her business instead of saying what it is.

— Coming back from commercial, AJ Styles was celebrating with Gallows and Anderson backstage, and then talked about how he’ll destroy Randy Orton tonight.

2. Erick Rowan defeated Dante Leon. Local Talent Leon made Rowan mad by trying to peek in the cage, and got planted and pinned for it.

— Carly Caruso asked Andrade about losing to Humberto Carrillo. He answered in Spanish and then left. Zelina also spoke Spanish, but then switched to English to say that Andrade has now learned to take Carrillo seriously. Then Andrade came back and spoke more Spanish.

— In a video package, a blonde Liv Morgan got into a bathtub while talking about how she’s been self destructive in the past, but now she has to destroy herself so the real her can emerge.

— Bobby Lashley and Lana came out, and Lana said that Rusev Day is dead. Lana got out a ring in a box, and asked Bobby to ask her to marry him. Bobby looked reluctant, and said that he doesn’t like when anybody tells him what to do. After a long pause he added “…except you” and got down on one knee. He proposed and Lana said yes.

— Before the gauntlet match, R-Truth cut a promo about his hero John Cena.

3. Gauntlet Match To Determine A #1 Contender To The United States Championship:

  • Akira Tozawa defeated R-Truth. Truth was pinned after a folding press.
  • Ricochet defeated Akira Tozawa. He got the pin with a Recoil.
  • Ricochet defeated Matt Hardy. Ricochet rolled him up after avoiding a Twist of Fate.
  • Humberto Carrillo defeated Ricochet. He pinned him after a moonsault. Zelina Vega watched this match from the stage.
  • Andrade versus Carrillo didn’t have an ending. Andrade attacked Carrillo from behind as soon as his music hit. He pulled up one of the pads at ringside and drove Carrillo’s head into the concrete floor. Rey Mysterio came out to make the save, and Andrade and Zelina left.

— Back from commercial, Humberto Carrillo was being taken out on a stretcher, and Rey Mysterio was still there. Seth Rollins came out with AOP, carrying the steel pipe that Rey previously gave KO. Rey fought with AOP, but then Rollins said they didn’t want to fight, just give Rey his pipe back. When Rey went to pick up the pipe, AOP attacked him again. Seth acted like he was going to leave without attacking Rey, but then Stomped him before leaving the ring.

— After another commercial, Charly Caruso asked Seth Rollins why attacked Rey Mysterio. Seth said he’s a leader who leads by example, and that he had a score to settle and settle it. Then he challenged Rey to a match for the United States Title for next week.

4. Asuka defeated Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo was introduced as a visiting NXT Superstar (they don’t mention that she currently only works house shows and live events). She tapped out to the Asuka Lock.

— Charly Caruso had a sitdown interview with Becky Lynch. The Man said that she’s been “off” for the last few months, and that she first thought the Powers That Be were putting her in the Tag Team Division to bury her, but then she realized it’s worse: They’re trying to protect her. Becky said she needs to face Asuka to prove something to herself.

— Rey Mysterio said he’s happy to face Andrade for his Title anytime, but it’s not okay what Andrade did to Humberto tonight. Then he said he has no respect for Seth Rollins, but accepted his challenge for next week.

5. Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles. He pinned AJ with the RKO, and then got attacked by the OC. The Viking Raiders ran in, but the OC beat them up too, and stood tall with AJ as the show ended.