WWE Raw Results 6/19/17

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Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for June 19, 2017. This week’s episode featured two apologetic bears, a refurbished grandfather clock, and the return of Braun Strowman.

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WWE Raw Results:

— The show opened with Roman Reigns addressing the WWE Universe, saying that like it or not, he can’t be beaten one on one. He doesn’t care who walks away with the Universal Title, because he’ll beat them at SummerSlam. This brought out Samoa Joe, to remind Reigns that he is the current number one contender, and the next Universal Champion. Reigns said to him, he’ll always be “Just Joe,” to which Samoa Joe responded with a headbutt. The two fought to the outside, with Reigns eventually sending Joe to the back after a Superman Punch.

1. The Hardy Boyz defeated Gallows and Anderson. Jeff Hardy picked up the win for him and his brother with a Swanton Bomb.

— Elias Sampson began to play his guitar in the ring, but insisted that it needed to be tuned, and he would need complete silence to do so. Sampson threatened to sit in the ring all day until it was done, but was then interrupted by Finn Bálor. Sampson gets in Bálor’s face, but then chooses to walk away.

2. Finn Bálor defeated Bo Dallas. After taking Dallas down with a tornado dropkick, Bálor finished him off with a Coup de Grâce.

— Backstage, Enzo and Cass presented their theories on who has been attacking them to Kurt Angle. Angle promises to investigate and get to the bottom of the attacks by the end of the night.

— In the ring, Seth Rollins runs down his history in WWE that led to him being on the cover of WWE 2K18. He thanked the WWE Universe for giving him a chance, and that he was going to make a promise to them. Before he could expound, Rollins was interrupted by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt accuses Rollins of being dishonest, and that he’s not his own man but rather just a corporate shill. Wyatt said it was time to make a sacrifice, then headed to the ring. As he reached the outside, he was met with a dive from Rollins.

— Backstage, Samson attacked Bálor during an interview, warning him to never interrupt him again.

3. Akira Tozawa defeated TJP. Tozawa beat TJP with a diving senton.

4. Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns. During the match, Reigns was distracted by a video of Braun Strowman getting out of an ambulance. This allowed Samoa Joe to take advantage and lock in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

— After the match, Strowman came to the ring to remind Roman that he’s “NOT FINISHED WITH YOU.” Strowman slammed Reigns into the ring, then challenged him to an ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire.

— Miz started off this week’s episode of Miz TV in the ring next to a life-sized wrapped present and two bear mascots bearing signs of apology. Maryse came to the ring after and unwrapped the gift to reveal the grandfather clock she has initially gifted to Miz. He revealed that he all the nights she thought he was sleeping on the couch, he was actually in the garage looking up YouTube videos on how to fix the clock. Dean Ambrose hit the ring and tried to go after Miz, but ended up splashing champagne in Maryse’s face. Miz tried to go after Ambrose, but was instead sent headlong into the recently refurbished grandfather clock. Maryse stormed off as Ambrose stood triumphant and smug in the ring. Ambrose was then attacked from behind by the two bears, who revealed themselves to be Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

5. Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews. Sheamus and Cesaro made short work of the challengers with their tag variation of the White Noise.

6. Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax via DQ. During the match, Emma attacked Alexa Bliss while she was on commentary, chasing her into the ring. Bliss attempted to hide behind Jax, but Jax pushed her forward towards Emma. Bliss moved out of the way as Emma went to kick her in the stomach, causing her to hit Jax instead. After the bell, a brawl broke out between the four women. They were then joined by Mickie James and Dana Brooke, with Bayley eventually coming in to join the fray and try to get the save.

— Kurt Angle came to the ring to announce his findings. He first calls Enzo and Cass to the ring, and then his primary suspects: The Revival and Big Show. Show says that they’re both SAWFT, and if he was going to attack them, he’d come straight to their face and punch them in the mouth. The Revival profess their innocence, and Angle confirms that they have solid alibis. Corey Graves piped up and debunked Cass’ alibi, and then showed footage of Cass staging his own attack. He accuses Cass of attacking Enzo, and Cass confirms that it was him. He said he was his partner because he felt bad for Enzo, and snapped after putting up with his crap each day. After all the crap in Tampa and NXT, Cass wanted to make Enzo suffer. He says they’re through, and then boots Enzo in the face.

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