WWE Raw And Smackdown Live Will Have Fewer Commercials This Fall

03.01.18 1 year ago 2 Comments


One of the worst parts about WWE programming (and really, where do we begin?) is that since Raw and Smackdown are both 100 percent live shows, both have become appointment TV: You don’t want to miss it, because you never know what might happen. We’re live, pal!

Of course, that isn’t inherently the worst thing — the worst thing is having to sit through commercial break after commercial break during WWE’s live programming, three-minute breaks loaded with Sonic’s version of the Golden Lovers, battling fried chicken franchises (Popeye’s > KFC, obviously), and lord knows whatever else is trying to be pushed on wrestling fans this week. (Stacker2? Is that still a thing?)

Thankfully, WWE programming will be getting a slight reprieve of the nonstop advertising avalanche later this year.

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