Watch John Cena And Other WWE Superstars Read Mean Tweets

WWE isn’t above blatantly yanking other people’s #content. Remember when they started doing Bad Lip Readings? Now they’re doing the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets gimmick from Jimmy Kimmel Live! on The Edge and Christian Show. We’re one bad John Cena turn away from having Epic Rap Battles of History on WWE Network. And now, an Honest Trailer for 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Some of them are funny — I appreciate anyone who throws shade at Tommy Dreamer for being 107 and having painted-on hair — but you’ll spend most of it thinking, “I’ve seen much meaner tweets than this.” John Cena should shut up! Big Show is slow! I want to interview the intern who had to go through everyone’s tweets and find ones wrestlers could react negatively to without actually getting their feelings hurt. “It’s gotta be mean, Jeff, but not so mean that people think it’s a good point and agree.”

I hope they do a followup where Roman Reigns is forced to read entire timelines.

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