WWE Wants To Change A Kentucky City’s Name To Honor King Corbin

Love King Corbin? Sure, we all do!

Nobody loves him more than WWE, however, where they’ve given the big and old school guy the United States Championship, the King of the Ring tournament, a Lordship, and a role in the main event scene for the majority of the past year. Their latest accolade given to the Baron: starting a campaign to urge a city to change its name to honor him.

In a real story we are not making up, local CBS affiliate WKYT is reporting that WWE will hold a rally on Sunday to get people involved in changing the city of Corbin, Kentucky, into King Corbin, Kentucy. You’re gonna love the extremely WWE location of the rally, too.

WWE representatives, as well as a WWE camera crew, will be out in front of the Colonel Sanders statue in downtown Corbin Sunday afternoon, collecting signatures for a petition for the name change.

The crew will also be handing out free tickets for Sunday’s show at the Corbin Arena.

While it’s clearly not meant to be a serious campaign, let’s hope they actually get the signatures and change the name of the city. Then they can turn the unincorporated municipality of Dolph, Arkansas, after Dolph Ziggler. See you soon, “Roman” Rains County, Texas! Stock up your pounds with big dogs!