My Summer Fling With Wrestling: Returning To WWE After Years Away, Part 2

09.01.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

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Editor’s note: While we here at With Spandex pride ourselves on our pro wrestling acumen and expertise, we found the following pitch too good to pass up. One of our UPROXX Sports writers wanted to dip his toe back into the wrestling waters after being out of the game for over a decade and spend a summer with the squared circle, so we were fascinated at what a lapsed fan would think to look at wrestling in 2016 with completely fresh eyes. Please enjoy Chris Morgan’s two-part summer journey, which continues below. You can find Part 1 here.

I wasn’t planning on writing about the first Raw and Smackdown post-Battleground. However, there were a couple of notable things that occurred that I came to feel were important to make mention of. First, the shows have taken on a more sportslike, “realistic” demeanor. Apparently, WWE’s desire to try and make itself over in the image of ESPN, and other “legitimate” sports outlets, had not yet been sated. Second, Finn Bálor (who as you now I had no prior knowledge of), quickly shot to the top of Raw, as he won two matches in order to face off with Seth Rollins for WWE’s new “Universal” Championship. This is a silly name for a belt, but Bálor is pretty good.

Third, and last, Charlotte and Sasha Banks had a great match for the WWE Women’s Championship. One of the reasons I stopped watching wrestling was because women had a role with the company I was dissatisfied with. That is no longer the case. These two are sterling examples of the investment made in women’s wrestling in WWE. Both of these women are very talented, and they put on a wonderful match. Charlotte did a moonsault off the top rope onto Banks on the floor. Candice Michelle wasn’t doing that back when I was last watching, you know? Banks won, a big moment for the first post-draft Raw. It was a really good show.

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