Another WWE Superstar Has Sustained An Injury Before SummerSlam

We here at With Spandex are people of simple pleasures. We like good wrestling, Eva Marie, and around these parts, “FTR” stands for nothing but “Forever the Revival.” The Revival of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are, of course, the best tag team in the world today, full stop. While they are NXT legends for their work redefining what tag team wrestling is capable of, their main roster tenure has been stop-and-start due to some unfortunate and ill-timed injuries.

The first injury came just weeks after the Revival made their debut on Raw, when Wilder got his jaw broken at an NXT live event during the team’s farewell tour. That injury put the team on the shelf for six long, agonizing weeks. When the team left, they were kicking the New Day’s asses so bad that that faction ended up having to jump ship to Smackdown. The Revival recently returned, and got right down to business beating up the Hardy Boyz. It seemed likely that those two teams were going to face off at SummerSlam, possibly in a No. 1 contender’s match, and possibly with The Club added to the mix, as well.

Sadly, much like Monday’s earlier news that Bayley would not be able to perform at SummerSlam, it looks like the biggest event of the summer might be pathetically short on top guys. put out the following injury update on Dawson, and while it’s short on actual details, it does confirm the news of the injury, which was originally broken by Pro Wrestling Sheet on Monday.

Yes, Dawson has a ruptured bicep. If it’s a partial tear, it should take a few weeks to heal, but if it’s a complete tear, it will of course require surgery, and we could be left Revival-less for yet another couple of months. Either way, it looks like Dawson and the Revival are not likely to be mixing it up at SummerSlam, and this is the saddest injury news we can imaging.

Rest up, top guys. We will go hard all day and all night in your memory.