Rhyno Warmed Our Hearts By Busting A Move At A WWE Live Event

Rhyno is a complicated manbeast, and no one understands him but … well, we’re still trying to figure that one out. Heath Slater?

Once an unironic human embodiment of the male phallic archetype, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion has quietly become one of the company’s biggest comedic standouts. His obsession with crackers and spray cheese is a far cry from the Rhyno of old, given he hasn’t tried to drown anyone’s wife in a toilet. Y’know … yet. Since his return to WWE’s main roster, Rhyno has provided memorable moments of levity, and, alongside not-so-secret WWE gem Heath Slater, embraced yet another facet of his personality.

The physically intimidating ECW legend, shoot magic-trick doing, wannabe State Representative can add “heroic and adorable attempt at being a white guy with rhythm” to his list of accomplishments. During a house show at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, GA, Rhyno did his very best to heed the words of the great Young MC and bust a move:

While we’re sure he won’t be winning any dance battles anytime soon, we’re all about him embracing the lighter side of his personality. Less angry faces and intimidation, more cheese in a can and depth of personality, please!