Watch WWE Unveil A Ric Flair Statue At WrestleMania Axxess

WrestleMania weekend celebrations officially kicked off on Thursday, as fans flocked to the first session of WWE’s official expo/convention, Axxess. As is now customary for WrestleMania weekend, part of that Axxess session featured the unveiling of the latest Hall of Fame wrestler to be immortalized with a life-size bronze statue. This year’s honoree is the first man to be in the Hall of Fame TWO times: Ric Flair.

Sure, maybe Flair deserved a statue sooner, but he is only the fifth person to receive the honor. The first (and of course, biggest) statue was for André the Giant, and was unveiled in 2013. There’s been a statue every year since (not counting the statue Seth Rollins commissioned for himself, which probably doesn’t count). Statues for Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, and Dusty Rhodes followed. On Thursday night, it was Flair’s turn.

Surrounded by friends and family in an NXT ring, Flair got to watch and get emotional as Triple H unveiled the statue of his hero. And it’s a good one.

Charlotte Flair later chimed in on what her father’s statue means to both of them.

After WrestleMania weekend, Flair’s statue will likely sit alongside the others, which usually reside in the main lobby at WWE’s Stamford headquarters. For now, anyway. Maybe that physical Hall of Fame will arrive someday.