Rich Swann Finally Got To Show Off His Amazing Bret Hart Impression

The WWE Performance Center is quickly becoming a hotbed for wrestler impressions and general hilarity. I mean, it was probably always that, but now WWE is actually posting videos of all of it for everyone to enjoy. You might recall a couple months back, when Patrick Clark and a trainer got into a Ric Flair-off, or when Scott Dawson became the best and most complete wrestler in the world.

The latest wrestler to get a premium impression showcase is former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann. If you’ve ever watched any video he’s ever appeared on for Highspots — be it Best Friends, Hitting the Highspots, or the Kevin Steen Show — you know that Swann has the best and probably only Bret Hart impression in the business. This week, he finally got to show it off to the entire world.

Swann and the aforementioned Ric Flair trainer, Sean Hayes (not the Will & Grace guy), recreated the Bret Hart/Steve Austin feud, and it was great.

Swann also has an Austin impression, of course, because if you’re a pro wrestler, it’s mandatory that you at least have an Austin impression and a Dusty Rhodes impression in your back pocket. But it’s so endearing that he not only has a Bret Hart, but that he totally nails it. Not even Bret Hart sounded like Bret Hart when he played Bret Hart on The Simpsons. Kudos to you, Rich. The inlandish Rich Swann, everyone!