Which Bygone WWE Feuds Should Be Rebooted?

On Friday, WWE released the above video suggesting that there are five major feud that could use a “redo.” The feuds they picked: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, Triple H vs. Goldberg, The Miz vs. John Cena, Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton, and Kane vs. The Undertaker.

Now, while the more cynical among you (including a specific voice inside my own brain) think that this video might be sowing the seeds for a new Miz vs. Cena feud and also subliminally preparing us for a Reigns vs. Lesnar storyline after WrestleMania, this is definitely an interesting notion. (Not the Kane vs. Undertaker thing, though. Everything else is an interesting notion. Okay, maybe not Triple H vs. Goldberg, either. Or Kofi vs. Or — you know what, I digress.)

I’m definitely, unquestionably here for a new, super-extended Miz vs. Cena feud. Anything that gets The Miz more eyeballs and importance and airtime. Given how often WWE tends to trot out matchups until we’re sick to death of them (Ziggler’s last few feuds, everyone!), it’s time to think outside the box and … go back to some old matchups that didn’t end as well as they could have!

That’s our question to you on this wonderful pre-PPV Friday: what feuds would you love for WWE to try out once again? In addition to Miz vs. Cena, I’d love to have creative take another stab at Owens vs. Cena one day, now that Owens has (arguably) been elevated and Cena is (possibly) on the way out. I also wouldn’t object to a reformed Shield taking on the new Wyatt Family, although the logistics of that are pretty much impossible given current storylines and the brand split. Hell, another Shield vs. Evolution go-round might be more likely. (And I would accept that, for sure.)

And if we’re blue-sky dreaming, I’d love to see CM Punk return to have that match against Triple H that he never wanted, to the point it caused him to quit wrestling. Or have Punk renew his beef with Jeff Hardy, but the Brother Nero version.

Okay, your turn. Tell us which feud you’d love to see revisited!