Check Out The WWE Locker Room Jamming To ‘Rock Band 4’

Praise be to Ozzy, Rock Band 4 is finally here. As a guy who has broken enough plastic drum sets to warrant a “YOU ARE NOT KEITH MOON” Post-It note, my enthusiasm is pretty high for this.

From the looks of it, quite a few WWE superstars seem to be pretty into it, as well. Rock Band developers Harmonix have never been shy about their Boston roots (as proven by all that great Damone DLC), so when Monday Night Raw rolled through the TD Garden last night, they took a copy of the game with them and gave a few lucky wrestlers a shot at it. It’s pretty likely that most of the footage taken will end up on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown gaming channel, but some awesome stuff has already made its way to Twitter. Here’s Sasha Banks on drums joining The New Day, accidentally forming the supergroup B.A.D. Day.

Seth Rollins was also pretty fired up about the whole thing. Here he is whiffing a high note in a Bring Me the Horizon song and letting some NSFW language fly because of it.

You can take the boy out of the Warped Tour, but you can’t take the Warped Tour out of the boy. There are a lot more pictures on the official Rock Band Twitter, as well as the accounts of developers Eric Pope and Adam Cardoza. If anyone at Harmonix is reading this, I have to ask… where’s the WWE downloadable content? I don’t think I’m the only guy who’d shell out two bucks to play the full version of Drew McIntyre’s “Broken Dreams.” Go ahead and throw in Dana Brooke’s theme, that one’s got Lzzy Hale on vocals. Trust me, there has been far weirder Rock Band DLC.