If You Were Disappointed In The Undertaker’s Raw 25 Appearance, There May Be More To Come

01.23.18 1 year ago 27 Comments


Despite having what looked very much like a retirement match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 last year, even leaving his hat, coat, and gloves in the middle of the ring, there have been rumors pretty much since the next day that he wanted to return for another match at WrestleMania 34, possibly against John Cena.

Once he was announced as a guest at the Raw 25th Anniversary Show, the expectation became that his next match would be set up there. However, when he actually appeared last night at the Manhattan Center, wearing his “Ministry of Darkness” robe (his hat and coat are presumably still untouched in the middle of a ring in Orlando), that didn’t happen at all.

John Cena wasn’t even there, appearing instead in a segment with Elias at the Barclays Center, and the Undertaker just gave a short and slightly difficult-to-parse speech about how Raw is important, and his previously beaten opponents should keep resting in their peace. To some people, it sounded like a retirement speech, and it became possibly to believe that maybe last WrestleMania was his last match after all.

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