Rusev Hates Everyone In The NBA Slam Dunk Contest Except DeAndre Jordan

It’s no secret that we here at With Spandex are massive fans and supporters of Rusev. I’m sorry; Handsome Rusev. So when this diehard Los Angeles Clippers fan — Bulgaria’s favorite son — gets all up in the mix during NBA All-Star Weekend, you bet your sweet bippy that we’re going to bring you that news.

The Clippers’ official Facebook page got Rusev on the court (and if you watch Total Divas, you know that the man loves being on the court, even in his bathrobe) to ask him who he thinks will win this year’s Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend. And since Rusev is a Clippers fan, he thinks it’s going to be DeAndre Jordan, without a doubt. The interviewer lightly accused Rusev of bias, and in response, Rusev cut a diabolical promo on everyone else in the competition.

Just watch:

Savage. So savage that Handsome Rusev might need to change his name to Savage Rusev. So savage that Erik Larsen drew over 200 issues of that promo by himself. That’s how savage it was.

He doesn’t even know their names. That’s how little they matter to Rusev. And if you don’t matter to Rusev, do you even matter at all? [realizes Rusev doesn’t know who I am] oh … oh god no